Fulfilment Services

We Offer a People Powered Fulfilment Service

Whilst technology and good prices are important, we believe that the most important thing in 3PL is the human-to-human relationship.

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Client who put their trust in us!

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Our Fulfilment Service

TFP Provides a Solid Foundation; Together With You We Can Get on With Making the World Better

Our people-powered 3PL service frees our customer to get on with growing their business and making their dreams come true.

We take away all the hassle of logistics so our customer’s creativity and passion can be unleashed. The way we do this is through forming close relationships with our customers. Through a mutual understanding we find that truly great service emerges.

  • 01/05


    We will receive your products from your site, previous fulfilment partner or suppliers. We then count them, record them in our WMS and place them in our warehouse. This is a vital part of the process as all following steps are dependent on this being done accurately and carefully.

    More About Receive
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  • 02/05


    We store your products in the most appropriate location within our warehouse – palletised, on shelving or pick bins – whatever is best for your product and for efficient access.

    More about store
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  • 03/05

    Pick & Pack

    When your orders come in, our integrated software will instruct our people to locate, pick and pack the items. This can be for individual items sent straight to customers or large palletised stock orders for your reseller. Whatever the order, your dedicated pickers will get it sorted.

    More Pick & Pack
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  • 04/05


    From our wide range of delivery partners, we’ll despatch your orders for delivery to your customers – deliveries may be small or large, UK or Worldwide – we’ll agree the delivery partner with you upfront, so you know exactly how we are achieving that last leg of the order process.

    More about deliver
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  • 05/05


    The end goal of TFP is not to simply provide a 3PL service. We want more than that: we want to delight our customer. Delight occurs when we use the power of relationships to sort out problems that other more mechanical and impersonal 3PL providers cannot.

    More about delight
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Integration & Software

Powering Up Your Fulfilment Network Fast

We use the industry leading MintSoft 3PL Software. With over 150 Courier and Shopping Cart integrations available, we’re sure to have you covered – take a look below at some of the possibilities.

In most cases our integration team will deal with all of this for you and we can be integrated and ready to go within 24 hours!

Integration & Software
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Account Management

Our People Work as an Extension of Your People

Each of our customer accounts are managed by our people that actually do the picking and packing for that account.

This way your first point of contact will be the person that actually picks your orders every day. This means our people get to know their customers very well and form strong, trusted relationships with them.

Account Management
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Get In Touch

High Care Outsourced Fulfilment for Fast Growing Businesses

If you need a 3PL provider that just “gets it” and who you can simply trust to get on with the job, then please give us a call. Let us take care of it.

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