About TFP

We focus on People Powered Solutions in third party logistics.

Discover TFP’s unique approach as a people-powered third party logistics provider, emphasising strong relationships and exceptional service since 2006.

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About TFP

How TFP Transforms 3PL Through Strong Relationships

TFP are a people powered third party logistics provider. By “people powered” we mean that our focus is on nurturing our people so they can nurture close relationships with our customer. It is through this people power that a truly great service is generated.

This is in stark contrast to many competitors who seem to focus on either having rock bottom prices or having the most modern and flashy technology. Yes, pricing is important and yes, technology is also important, but at the end of the day our customers are buying a service from us and providing that service well relies on business relationships. It is the collaboration between people that creates the service that allows us to delight our customers.


TFP's Continued Growth in Capacity and Expertise Since 2006

TFP have been in business since 2006. This gives us nearly two decades of experience in providing exceptional 3PL services.

We operate out of multiple sites in Newark, Nottinghamshire. This is bang in the middle of the UK with excellent logistical links to the whole country.

In 2024, we doubled the physical capacity of our warehousing space and, so, are actively growing our business over the coming years.

Over this time, we have had a remarkably low staff turnover with many of our key people being with the company for over 10 years. This stability of staff is one of the key factors in our success. We look after our people very well, so they can look after our customers.

What We Do

Receive, Store, Pick, Pack, Deliver, Delight!

TFP’s fulfilment services are tailored to your business needs. From receiving your products to delivery, our people-powered approach ensures efficiency and excellence, helping you focus on growth.

Fulfilment Services
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